JQuery on Windows Mobile 6.1.4 and Opera Mobile 9.5 Beta

Recently Microsoft made available a new version of Windows Mobile, with a new version of Internet Explorer Mobile. Its based on the Desktop Internet Explorer 6 code base, so it should be much improved over the previous version.

I wanted to see how well it supports JQuery, so I ran the test suite: http://jquery.com/test/. Disappointingly it failed to execute any tests, which is strange as the sample JQuery snippet displayed on the jquery.com homepage works fine. Its probably something small, with a bit of time and effort (and FireBug Lite, which works just fine) I’m sure the problem could be identified and worked around.

While I was at it I tried out the recent Opera Mobile 9.5 beta (on the same Windows Mobile emulator image), it also failed to execute the JQuery test suite, nor could I get it to execute the snippet on the jquery.com homepage. I could not launch FireBug Lite via the javascript: bookmarklet either.

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