Resource Templates, not just for APEX

Oracle APEX Listener‘s primary function is to serve as a Java friendly alternative to mod_plsql. The most well known application that uses mod_plsql being APEX. However the Listener is not restricted to providing HTTP access to APEX, it can provide HTTP access to any PL/SQL procedure that mod_plsql can.

Similarly the Resource Templates functionality we have introduced in the latest APEX Listener Early Access Release is not dependent on APEX. Resource Templates can be used to expose any data stored in the database via HTTP, regardless of whether that data is managed by an APEX application or not. To be clear you don’t need to use APEX to be able to use Resource Templates.

P.S. If you’re using the new Resource Templates functionality, I’d love to hear about it, let me know the good or bad here or in the forum, thanks!

One thought on “Resource Templates, not just for APEX

  1. Hi there,

    The statement that the APEX listener can provide access to anything that mod_plsql can is not true unfortunately. It doesn’t support

    1. Flexible parameter passing
    2. Basic Authentication
    3. Custom authentication

    I believe there are a few other options which aren’t supported either. Unfortunately, despite these being raised early in the development process ( there is no statement as to when (or if) these features will be implemented.

    That leaves earlier non-apex applications with a choice of 11g mod_plsql (1.2Gb of Fusion Middleware incomprehensibility) or dbms_epg with a proxy.

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