Introducing Oracle REST Data Services

Oracle REST Data Services

Oracle Application Express Listener is now known as Oracle REST Data Services. We just pushed out a new point release (2.0.6) that uses the new product branding. We’ve changed the product name to emphasise the product’s future direction, focussing on ways to easily expose Oracle Database and it’s suite of offerings, to the RESTful Web, while still continuing to provide the PL/SQL Web Gateway that applications such as Oracle Application Express rely on.

The major change as a consequence of the product rebranding, is that the web application name changes from apex.war to ords.war, which also means the default context path changes from /apex to /ords. You can read more about this in the release notes.

If you want to learn more about how to use Oracle REST Data Services to create RESTful Web Services, take a look at the Developer Guide. I’d also recommend subscribing to this blog and also Kris Rice’s blog, and following both of us on Twitter: @cdivilly, @krisrice.