Configuring custom error pages with Oracle REST Data Services

If you need to configure a custom error page instead of the error page generated by Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS), then do the following:

  • Edit the defaults.xml file in the ORDS configuration folder
  • Add the following setting to defaults.xml:

    <entry key="error.externalPath">/path/to/error/pages/folder/</entry>
  • /path/to/error/pages/folder is the fully qualified path to a folder which contains files named with the following pattern {status}.html, where {status} is the HTTP status code that you wish to define a custom error page for.
  • For example if you wish to define a custom error page for the HTTP 404 – Not Found status and store it in a folder named /usr/local/share/ords/error-pages/ then create a file named 404.html in /usr/local/share/ords/error-pages/ and configure error.externalPath to point at /usr/local/share/ords/errro-pages/.